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 Understanding the growing habits of plants is a necessity to get the most "bloom for your buck".


Our care sheets direct you to giving each plant exactly what it wants for optimal results.

We're continually adding new ideas and products to make growing plants easier!

Neutral Basic Plant: Use Peters or MiracleGro MIXED

(1 tbsp per 2gal water)


Dry Side Growers                                    Moist Growers


Fuchsia                                                      Ageratum

Impatiens Bounce                                      Alyssum

Moss Roses                                               Lantana

Salvia                                                         Lobelia (1/2 strength)

Dragon Wing Big Begonias                        Divine Impatiens (1/2 strength)

Vegetables in Garden                                Marigolds

Zinnias                                                       Torenia

Geraniums (2x Strength)                           Wax Begonias



Iron Type Acidic Plants (Miracid Feeders-Mix 1 tbsp/2gal H20)


Less Frequent Waterings                         More Frequent Waterings

(Heavy Iron Feeders but dry                       (Heavy Iron feeders staying

between applications)                                    evenly moist)















-All containers need new soil each year...THE #1 COMMON PROBLEM WHEN TROUBLESHOOTING!


-Heavier doses of Miracid (1 tablespoon/gallon) will correct struggling plants faster.


-Lower doses of Miracid (1 teaspoon/gallon) can be used for a mixture of plant types. Note: All impatiens & lobelia are sensitive to high amounts of feeding.


-All feeding is best on +70 degree days or warmer.


-More water on windy, warm days.


-Blooming increases as plants get exposed to the sky directly for rain and light.


-Feeding is increased June 15 - August 15. (This is when plants are working hard!)


-Calibrachoa (aka Million Bells) are sensitive to feeding during cooler weather (below 70 degrees)




Ivy Geraniums

Blue Salvia


Fusion Impatiens

Gerbra Daisy



Nonstop Begonias

Most Perennials




Wave Petunias






Calibrachoa (Million Bells)