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April Hours:

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For 2018, Kolze's has added new ideas and products  to make growing plants easier!

 Understanding the growing habits of plants is a necessity to get the most "bloom for your buck".


Our care sheets direct you to giving each plant exactly what it wants for optimal results.

Neutral Basic Plant: Use Peters or MiracleGro MIXED

(1 tbsp per 2gal water)


Dry Side Growers                                    Moist Growers


Fuchsia                                                      Ageratum

Impatiens Bounce                                      Alyssum

Moss Roses                                               Lantana

Salvia                                                         Lobelia (1/2 strength)

Dragon Wing Big Begonias                        Divine Impatiens (1/2 strength)

Vegetables in Garden                                Marigolds

Zinnias                                                       Torenia

Geraniums (2x Strength)                           Wax Begonias



Iron Type Acidic Plants (Miracid Feeders-Mix 1 tbsp/2gal H20)


Less Frequent Waterings                         More Frequent Waterings

(Heavy Iron Feeders but dry                       (Heavy Iron feeders staying

between applications)                                    evenly moist)















-Heavier doses of Miracid (1 tablespoon/gallon) will correct struggling plants faster.


-Lower doses of Miracid (1 teaspoon/gallon) can be used for a mixture of plant types. Note: All impatiens & lobelia are sensitive to high amounts of feeding.


-All feeding is best on +70 degree days or warmer.


-More water on windy, warm days.


-Blooming increases as plants get exposed to the sky directly for rain and light.


-Feeding is increased June 15-August 15. (This is when plants are working hard!)


-Calibrachoa (aka Million Bells) are sensitive to feeding during cooler weather (below 70 degrees)


-All containers need new soil each year...THE #1 COMMON PROBLEM WHEN TROUBLESHOOTING!


Ivy Geraniums

Blue Salvia


Fusion Impatiens

Gerbra Daisy



Nonstop Begonias

Most Perennials




Wave Petunias






Calibrachoa (Million Bells)