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Kolze's Corner Gardens

12717 IL Route 176, Woodstock, IL 60098

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Spring Selection

Sun Plants



  • Calibrachoa: A waterfall of color in containers that love Miracid
  • Dahlias: Unique forms and colors
  • Euphorbia: White Sprinkles for mixes, go anywhere, low watering needs
  • Geraniums: Drought tolerant, try Calliope Dark Red (THE BEST)
  • Lantana:  Drought Tolerant Fragrant Flowers for Beds or Planters
  • Salvia: Unique varieties (for quickly getting hummingbirds)
  • Scaveola: New colors, the best container trailer in mixes
  • SunPatiens Impatiens: Robust plants for the sun or shade
  • Purslane & Mezoo: Succulents, drought tolerant, low watering needs
  • Unusual Petunias: Excellent unique colors for mixed containers
  • Wave Petunias: Covers like crazy in beds and pots
  • Verbena: 12  colors, ground cover spreaders bloom until  late fall
  • Vinca: The best summer plant for heat in June, July, and August
  • Zinnias: State Fair and Magellan  Drought Tolerant, beautiful bed display
  • Perennials locally grown hardy for our area, inventory changes weekly
  • 1000's of assorted Hanging Baskets for all areas around the home

Shade Plants


  • Bacopa: White, blue, or pink confetti trailer for mixed pots
  • Coleus: Over 30 types for shade and sun applications
  • Dragon Wing Begonias: The go anywhere , sun/shade, tough plant
  • Divine Impatiens: An easy to grow New Guinea Style Impatien!
  • Double Impatiens: Rose like blooms for mixed containers
  • Fuchsia: Bursts of  pendulum color to mix in containers
  • Lobelia: Various blue and white shades bloom all summer
  • Non-Stop Tuberous Begonias: Bloom all season
  • Sweet Potato Vine: Many forms, adaptable to grow anywhere
  • Torenia: Trailing two-color bells in different shades
  • Perennials: Locally grown, selected for the shade, solid performers
  • Shade Hanging Baskets: 1000's of mixed choices


Unusual Spring & Summer Plants



We grow and bring in unusual plants from local growers each week

stop in and see what we're talkin' 'bout!"