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For 2018, Kolze's has added new ideas and products  to make growing plants easier!

We Grow Poinsettias! - 13 colors

Kolze's Poinsettia Price Guide


6" - $12ea / 3+ $11ea


7" - $18ea / 3+ $16ea


8" - $25ea / 3+ $23ea


9" - $49ea / 3+ $45ea

Red Glitter

Poly Pink

Customer Questions for Poinsettias:


1) Are Poinsettias Poisonous? Children /Pets?




2) Do I feed them?


No, Kolze’s has everything in the pot already!


3) How do I make them last ?


Purchase from a local grower, then:


   A) Keep them away from Warm and Cold Drafts


   B) Weekly Watering:  


           7”= 8oz    8”= 12oz    9” =16-18oz


   C) Natural or Artificial Light


           Ideal.......60-70 degrees temp


   D) Less disturbance is best


         Just set out and look pretty!



Typically color lasts 6-8 weeks


Colors: Red, Burgundy, Red Glitter, Winter Rose, White, Ice Punch, Jingle Bell Rock, Ruby Frost, Pollys Pink, Green Envy, Winter Blush, Viking Cinnamon, and Peppermint Ruffles.

Jingle Bell Rock

Freedom Red

Green Envy

Ruby Frost

Ice Punch

Peppermint Ruffles

Cortez Burgundy

White Star

Winter Blush

Winter Rose

Viking Cinnamon