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Kolze's Corner Gardens 12717 IL Route 176, Woodstock, IL 60098 815.338.1475 | bob.kolze@gmail.com Reopen 2nd week in April

We Grow Poinsettias in 10 colors!

 Kolzes does Local Poinsettia Fundraisers  within 50 miles


Email us for the Poinsettia Fundraiser Program  bob.kolze@gmail.com

Poinsettias FAQ


1 - Are they poisonous? Children /Pets?

Contrary to popular belief, no they are not.


2 - Do I feed them?

No, Kolze’s has everything in the pot already!


3 - How  do I make them last ?

Purchase from a local grower, water them just before the wilt.

   a) Keep them away from Warm/Cold Drafts


   b) Weekly Watering: 68 degree room 

           7”= 8oz    8”= 12oz    9” =16-18oz.  Spill excess water out of pot cover


   c) Natural or Artificial Light

           Ideal temp 60-70 degrees


   d) Less disturbance is best

         Just set on the floor, steps, or wherever and let it look pretty!



Typically, color lasts 6-8 weeks



Jubilee Jingle Bells

Marble Star

Ice Punch

White Star

Red Glitter

Red Glitter

Sparkling Punch

Cortez Burgundy

Viking Cinnamon

      Poinsettia Prices 2018


  • 3.5" pot, $4.99 each
  • 7" $18 each, 3+ $17 ea
  • 8" $25 each, 3+ $24 ea
  • 9"  $45 each, 3 + $40 ea
  • Quantity Discounts call 815-338-1475

Winter Rose

Princess 3.5" only