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7 days a week: 9am - 5pm

For 2018, Kolze's has added new ideas and products  to make growing plants easier!

The Kolze Family was truck farmers from the Chicago O'Hare Field area circa late 1850.  Vegetable farming production gave way to bedding plant production in 1969 in Palatine, IL. Moving to Woodstock in 1997, the same family work ethic exists today; providing Chicagoland garden centers, landscapers and consumers with the finest quality annuals and perennials and the best customer service available.

Bob Kolze

"From a very young age,  I've been growing and selling bedding plants for our family business.  I was formally educated at Northern Illinois University and received my degree in Marketing in 1983. My philosophy is a no nonsense approach. I am a hands on owner who regularly interacts with customers in our greenhouse.  My passion is growing outstanding, colorful crops that give you that WOW factor! Customers, like you, continue to shape new ideas and concepts in our store. It is my pleasure to share techniques and plant material that  drastically "shorten the learning curve" for people who love to beautify their yards, patios and gardens." I'm usually available for individuals or groups who are new to growing and need some direction to begin.

Brian Moxley

Brian graduated with a B.S. in Landscape Horticulture from Southern Illinois University. He has worked in a variety of positions before calling Kolze's home. He started out as a technician in the Interiorscape industry.His next position was manager of plants in the floral industry, including starting up an interiorscape business and a wholesale tropical plant business. He then created his own dish garden and tropical plant business. Brian is a very involved member of the Woodstock Community and he joined Kolze's in the fall of 1998 as a grower. He is responsible for the operation of our main greenhouse, specializing in the Mum and Poinsettia production.  Brian is also in charge of coordinating the "Plant a row for the hungry" program at Kolze's.

Chris Dehn Franklin

After graduating Woodstock High School in 2012, Chris attended Iowa State University pursuing a degree in Architectural Design. After finishing at Iowa State, he decided stay on at Kolze's as one of the Assistant Managers. Chris is responsible for keeping Kolze's technology running smoothly, Website Design and Development, as well as providing customer service. An avid baseball fan, he has played, and coached baseball in Woodstock since he was 5 years old, still coaching to this day.  Chris is in his sixth season with Kolze's.

Tyler Stasinopoulos

Tyler graduated Woodstock High School in 2013.  Tyler is currently in his fifth season at Kolze's and is an Assistant Manager.  His specialties are running our seeders and production planting lines in the spring and making wreaths and roping during the Christmas season as well as providing customer service.  If you are ever looking for Tyler you can probably find him at the bowling alley, or watching any sporting event he can find.


Andy Buhrow

Andy is studying Marketing at Carthage College in Wisconsin. He is a Woodstock High School graduate, Class of 2013. Andy finished his marketing degree at Carthage last year, but still stops in to help out on the weekends. He is responsible for customer service, running the registers, and marketing ideas.  Andy's specialties are always bringing a positive attitude and providing a quick joke to make you smile.

Noah Dehn Franklin

Noah is another Woodstock High School graduate from 2016.  Noah is pursuing a degree in Health and Wellness and nutrition at Lindenwood University in Missouri.  When he comes home over the summer to work, he is responsible for customer service and helping with production throughout the season.  His specialties are his quick learning of the different jobs around the greenhouse and his friendly attitude when helping customers.  Noah is in his 5th season here at Kolze's.

Langdon Scott

Langdon also graduated from Woodstock High School in 2016.  He is currently attending University of Wisconsin Lacross pursuing a business degree.  Langdon is one of our primary delivery drivers and is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  Langdons specialties are his hard work attitude and his willingness to take on any task.  When he comes home over the summer to work, his responsibilities are driving deliveries,assisting customers and helping with production throughout the season.  Langdon is in his 4th season here at Kolze's.


Kyle Dehn Franklin

Kyle just graduated from his Senior year of High School at Woodstock High School.  Just as much a baseball fanatic as his older brothers, Kyle played for the Woodstock Baseball Team and club ball in the summers as a right handed pitcher and utility player.  Kyle is going to be attending the University of Illinois pursuing a degree in Sports Management and he hopes to walk onto the U of I baseball team during open tryouts as a pitcher.  Kyle is in his third season here at Kolze's.

Gavin Butenschoen

Gavin will be a Senior at Woodstock High School for the 2018-2019 school year.  Gavin is a very hands on, fast learner that is not afraid to tackle any job head on.  He is very good at working with his hands, and can fix just about anything in the greenhouse.  Gavin plays offensive line for the Woodstock High School football team in the fall, and when he graduates he plans to pursue a fire science degree and become a fireman like his dad.