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Hanging Basket Care Sheet

Watering & Feeding Guide

Kolze's Hanging Basket Program

Grower to You pricing


Designed, filled with our best soil, and planted on site by the Kolze crew providing pricing straight from the grower!


We plant multiple batches of baskets through Spring and Summer so you can always find the perfect basket!


Our care sheets (found above) provide specific care instructions for each type of basket for our flocculating climate. Our baskets are great for more than just hanging!


Just a few ideas:


  • Cut the handles off to have a decorative pot on the patio table
  • Transplant a basket into a large pot that would otherwise require a lot of plants

Our Styles 


  • 11” Light Tan Resin
  • 12” Brown Fiber


The Choices for 11" Light Tan Resin

Non Stop Begonias: 4-6 hours of sun

Shade Mixes: North or east exposures (4-6 hours of sun)

Sun Mixes: east, west and south exposures (6-8 hours of sun)

New Guinea Impatiens: low stress areas (4-6 hours of sun)


The Choices for 12” Fiber Baskets

Shade Mixes: North or East exposures (4-6 hours of sun)

Sun Mixes: East, West, or South Exposures (6-8 hours of sun)


Vacation Combination Baskets

Succulent Baskets are able to handle extreme heat and sun with minimal care or concern (6+ hours of direct sun)