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* Each watering/feeding should be enough to drip through the bottom in order to clean the roots (at least 1 gallon). Baskets struggle directly under overhangs; rather, position baskets on the edge of overhangs with a 18-36" hook or chain so the sky hits the top of the foliage. A BLOOMING shade plant's foliage does need some sky exposure to bloom.


* Over watering with plain water and heavy rain will leach out key nutrients from the basket. Feeding replaces those nutrients. The months of June, July, and August will require the most feeding due to the long, warm days. This makes plant growth rapid!

Petunia Combinations and Calibrachoa Mixes:

  • Light: Sky exposure is critical and may take direct sun up to 9 hours.
  • Moisture: Early am waterings on hot windy days of May-August.
  • Fertilizer: May 20-Sept 15. MirAcid Only Mix 2tsp /gal 1-3x per week
  • Specifics: Early cool spring days require less feed and water. Keep evenly moist.


Light Sun or Shady Areas: Shade Impatiens, Fuchsia, Non Stop Begonias

  • Light: North, East, or West side with partial sun during hot days above 85
  • Moisture: Allowing the soil to dry between waterings, forces flowering.
  • Fertilizer: MirAcid or Miracle Grow, mix 2tsp/gal 1x per week or as foliage yellows.
  • Specifics: These varieties love stress free areas with some sun protection


Extreme Sun: Vacation Combinations, Geraniums, Purslane, Mezoo

  • Light: Semi Sun to Full Sun at higher temperatures. South, East or West location.
  • Moisture: Prefers soil to dry between waterings. Wilting seldom causes injury
  • Fertilizer: Miracle Grow or MirAcid, mix 1Tablespoon per gallon, 1-2x a week.
  • Specifics: The Succulents are flexible sun loving plants. Carefree, 1-2 weeks alone.


New Guinea Impatiens

  • Light: Partial Sun, Partial Shade or just sky exposure is best. North, East or West side
  • Moisture: Evenly moist, water in the mornings. Warm, windy days... Make them heavy!
  • Fertilizer: Miracle Grow or MirAcid 2tsp/gal 1x per week. More frequency if “yellowing”
  • Specifics: New Guinea Impatiens love water!! WILTING CAUSES DAMAGE


Porch Potatoes and Textured Foliage

  • Light: Flexible, Low Light (under structures) to 6 hours of direct sun.
  • Moisture: Evenly moist waterings, less in low light ,more in sunny spots.
  • Fertilizer: MirAcid or Miracle Grow. Mix 2tsp /gal 1-2x a week as they grow.
  • Specifics: Low light requires less water and feed while sunny spots need more


“CHECKING the “WEIGHT” of the Basket/Container determines when to water.  You don't need to water a basket that is already heavy.


 “EVALUATE the LEAVES” indicates when to use fertilizer, are they green or yellowing? If the plant is green, you may not need to feed. If the leaves are starting to yellow then its time to feed.


**Each watering/feeding should be enough to drip through the bottom in order to clean the roots. (At least 1 gallon).


-Blooming Baskets will have less color under overhangs. Try to position baskets on the edge of overhangs with a 18-36” hook or chain so the SKY hits the top of the foliage. The best blooms flourish where the rain can water the pot or basket. The exception is our “Porch Potato”


-Several "plain" waterings with city, well or rain water will LEACH out some nutrients from the soil...When theres a Heavy Rain, mix the fertilizer with your watering to replace the nutrients.


***Colder temperatures in spring will reduce the need for watering and feeding while the months of June, July and August will require the most watering and feeding.


Thank You for being our customer! - Bob Kolze


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