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5 Easy to Grow Container Combinations

For a 13" in diameter pot use four 4.5" plants or one 7" "Quick Start" pot from the combination selections below.




Kolze's Potting Soil is $18 (2.9 cubic foot bag)

Formulated to grow plants in the uncertain Midwest weather


7" Quick-Start pre-made combinations available for flowering combinations...


1) Herbs on Deck Combinations: Mix Herbs including  Basil, Lavender, Cilantro, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano or Lemon Grass in a pot on the deck for easy access to your herbs.


2) Kinda Shady Combinations: Combinations can include Nonstop Begonias, Coleus, Lobelia, Bacopa, Double Impatiens, New Guinea Impatiens and Bounce Impatiens. These grow best in areas where a tree or building offers some shading from the sun. Pre-made 7" "Quick Start" pots available!


3) Vacation Combinations: Combinations designed for hot, dry locations can include Mezoo, Purslane, Euphorbia and Geraniums.  These combinations are perfect for busy or traveling gardeners.  Pre-made 7" "Quick Start" pots available!


4) Hummingbird Stew Combinations: A mixture of hummingbirds favorite Salvias, Calibracohas, Lantanas and other sweet nectar plants. They become living hummingbird feeders and work great on patios and decks. Get the camera ready!  Pre-made 7" "Quick Start" pots available!


5) Wave of Color Combination: A mixture of unique Petunias Colors, using bright Lantana and vibrant Verbena accents. Great for any area needing a splash of color including ground beds.  Pre-made 7" "Quick Start" pots available!


6) Porch Potato: A Blend of textures and colors from different plants in one container that will grow in extremely low light areas like under the porch, shade, or semi sun areas.


Anyone can create their own colorful combination for their deck, porch or patio pots. Just stop in and let us show you “our tricks” to make it easy and fun!




Bob Kolze

Owner, Kolze’s Corner Gardens Inc.