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For 2018, Kolze's has added new ideas and products  to make growing plants easier!

Our trees are cut

and delivered weekly!

Our Trees are Freshly Cut and Delivered to us Weekly!


For 2016 we will be offering freshly cut, high quality trees in two varieties Grown by family operated farms in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

See the farm here


Fraser/Balsam Cross (Kolze Favorite)

- A cross between a Traditional Balsam and a standard Fraser Fir, the hybrid shares the best qualities of each tree creating the perfect Christmas tree.

Great Needle Retention

Dense Needle Coverage (Makes for a very FULL tree)

Strong Branches (great for heavy ornaments)

Extremely Fragrant Smell


Fraser Firs

- Your traditional Fraser Fir has many great qualities that make it an excellent Christmas Tree

Great Needle Retention

Strong Branches

Great Long Lasting Color

Caring for your Christmas Tree


Trees cut later are not always better in the Midwest!

-- Christmas Trees go dormant and actually stop growing around November a 1st, so trees cut after thanksgiving are not better than those cut before.


Post Harvest Care

-- This is just as essential as choosing a strong variety of tree to have your tree last all season!

-- Once you select the tree you would like, we offer three services to make getting your tree home easy FREE OF CHARGE!


Fresh Cut

The most important thing to remember is giving your tree a fresh cut so that it can drink water while it is in the stand.  If you are going to take the tree home and put it up right away Kolze's will take care of this for you!


If you are going to be waiting more than a couple hours to put your tree up, we will not cut it because you will have to cut it again before it goes in the stand.  Store your tree flat on the ground OUTSIDE until you are ready to install, then cut a roughly 1/2" piece off the bottom of the base right before putting it up into the stand.


Make sure to give your tree plenty of water every day to ensure a long lifespan and great needle retention!



This actually harms the tree and shortens its lifespan.


Bailing and Loading

Once we decide on a Fresh Cut, the Kolze's Staff will Bail your tree for you, and either load it in the car or secure it to the top for no additional charge.


We have a tried and true method of securing trees to the top of a car so that you can be sure not to lose it on the road on your way home!