Kolze's Corner Gardens

12717 IL Route 176, Woodstock, IL 60098

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Closed for planting until Mid-April


For 2017, Kolze's has added new ideas and products to make growing plants easier!

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Healthy Plants   Fantastic Prices!  See the difference


Kolze's large volume and new technology dropped our prices once again for  2017


Recycle our "Kolze Pots" for an instant store rebate


We grow over 90% of our "green products"


130,000 4.5" Pots  and 6,000  Hanging Baskets


 Vegetable Starters  in 2.75" Pots (pesticide free)


3000 7" Geranium and Mixed do it yourself combos


Shade and Sun loving Perennials, Shrubs and Trees


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LOVE THAT GREEN continues in 2017

For the third straight year, Kolze's has been able to keep its prices on all premium 4.5" at $3.99 down from $4.75 in 2014, due to our investments in energy efficient technologies that reduce our gas and electric use significantly.  Kolze's passes these savings on to you with the same high quality plants at a reduced price.




Return your pots for a rebate on all KOLZE GROWN Plant pots















Why Kolze's?


1 90% of our plants grown on site seasonally


2  Unique Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes, and Quick Fill Starter pots


3 Proven hardy plants for our climate zone offered seasonally.


4 Locally Grown Perennials and Shrubs from Local Experts arriving fresh weekly.


5 Our Vegetable and Herb Starter Plants are pesticide and growth regulator free increasing rate of growth and yields.


6 The Kolze family have been growing plants since 1949 and in the Christmas Tree business since 1959.


7) Commitment to donate money each month to support the McHenry County Food Banks.


Thank You,


Bob Kolze

Owner and Grower